The Modelry solutions combine powerful cloud-native technology and modern data science techniques developed at the world's leading financial institutions, with streamlined processes, cost-effective execution and business expertise honed over decades in senior banking and consulting roles.

A Unique Modeling Framework

At the core of our value proposition is a proprietary framework in which models and analytics are designed as processes built out of standardized, modular components that can be assembled in different combinations:

  • Standardization of models
  • Modular development
  • Methodology guidelines
  • Advanced techniques
  • Industry best practices
  • Knowledge management

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State of the Art Technology Stack

In partnership with leading global financial technology companies, The Modelry suite of components comes packaged within a full stack - from a managed cloud based infrastructure to integrated developer tools and end-user applications:

  • Fast, flexible deployment
  • Agile development
  • Rich analytic tools
  • Data and software APIs
  • Robust testing
  • Version and access control

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Analytic Managed Services

Beyond technology, our Managed Analytics platform allows clients to streamline the execution of resource-consuming modeling and model risk related processes. Let your team focus on the high value work that is your competitive advantage and let us seamlessly and cost-effectively take care of the rest.

  • Model execution
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Data preparation
  • Validation and tracking
  • Performance monitoring
  • CCAR execution

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Technical and Strategic Advisory

Data and analytics driven decisions are only as good as the weakest link in the processes - from the source of data collection, through modeling and validation, and all the way up to actionable information at the capital committee, board meeting or regulatory exam. And we have the experience to connect it all.

  • Efficient development
  • Integration with business
  • Capital optimization
  • Model governance
  • Policies and procedures
  • Organizational structures

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