Modeling & Analytics As A Service

A cloud-native technology stack;
Our entire suite of analytic products;
A dedicated client team;
And a scalable pool of resources
On demand
Created in partnership with Capco, a global technology and management consultancy with extensive experience delivering managed services and co-sourcing solutions to some of the world's largest financial institutions

Our service platform goes well beyond technology, spanning the spectrum from the highest level Business Process Outsourcing to fully embedded team extension

Managed Analytics provides an unparalleled combination of cost-reduction and improvements across the modeling ecosystem

The Right Resources

Why have PhDs spending half of their valuable time running monthly reports when we can match the right skills to the right jobs?

Easy Start, Easy Growth

Immediate access to all models, process, reports, tools - with minimal effort and no coding. As the partnership grows, internal teams can become as involved as they wish

My Team Is Your Team

As our dedicated modelers, validators, managers and support resources learn their client's business they become a full extension of their in-house counterparts and able to partner on ever higher value tasks

Streamlined Processes

Process components are at the core of of our analytic framework. Combined with our proven methodologies for process definitions, they ensure the most efficient operating environment

Surge Capacity

When special projects demand it, clients can quickly leverage additional resources who will be up and running in a fraction of the time it would take external contractors

Expert Support Roles

DevOps, project managers, technical writers, database admins - our teams are experts in their crafts as well as the optimal use of our technology, automation and workflows.

Three distinct tiers of service allow clients to start with a light footprint and gradually ramp-up the engagement
Sample Activities
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Model execution & validation of results / testing
Storage & distribution (periodic, on-demand)
Reporting (financial, regulatory, internal, one-off)
Automated documentation updates
Project management (e.g., model governance, CCAR)
Periodic addition of new data / recalibration
Scheduled or recalibration validations
Performance Monitoring (execution, reviews)
Data cleaning, mapping & documentation
Writing of technical requirements (e.g., for IT)
Model (re-)development, integration, porting
New / full validations, documentation
Strategic advisory, process & policy re-engineering
Communication (management, board, regulatory)
Special projects (e.g., M&A, post-COVID review)

All remote work is done at our near-shore Center of Excellence in Orlando


  • State-of-the-art 27,000 sq. ft. facility with strict access protocols
  • Dedicated, configurable client offices and clean room facilities
  • Multiple network options, including full extension of client's own infrastructure
  • Multi-layered, audited controls for access to data and computer code


  • Variable commitment and partnership terms tailored to each client's current needs and growth expectations
  • Dedicated teams understand their client's business model and can work onsite as needed
  • Pool of on-demand technology, operational, dev-ops, analytical and various support resources


  • Long track record of delivering large-scale managed services to global financial institutions
  • Established methodology of process definitions and transparent performance metrics
  • Continuous training and upgrades ensure compliance with industry practices and regulatory requirements