About The Modelry

A small firm delivering big results


Our goal is to help clients focus their efforts and resources on high value activities that build on their competitive strengths

We accomplish this by providing world-class analytics integrated into a process-centric framework and delivered via the most advanced technologies and operational capabilities

How does a boutique firm accomplish all that? We follow our own advice and focus on our core quantitative and business expertise while partnering with global fintech and consulting firms and leveraging their scale and competencies

Leadership Team

Yakov Lantsman
Managing Partner

Dr. Lantsman is a seasoned banking and consulting executive. As a Senior Vice President at M&T Bank, he built a modern Model Risk Management function that was instrumental in the Bank’s success navigating the post-crisis environment. Key elements of the program he developed include all stages of the model lifecycle, unified analytical and documentation standards, and coherent reporting to the Bank’s management group and board of directors as well as frequent communication with regulatory agencies.

Some of Dr. Lantsman’s earlier roles include Principal in the Financial Modeling and Model Risk practice of Deloitte and Touche, and Senior Vice President at Algorithmics where he guided the quantitative modeling efforts.

Dr. Lantsman received a PhD in Mathematics from Tashkent Institute of Technology

Viktor Ziskin
Managing Partner

In designing The Modelry framework Dr. Ziskin has leveraged his diverse 20 year career that spans roles in academic research, Wall Street, consulting and executive management at commercial banks.

Starting his financial work with the SecDb platform at Goldman Sachs he then spent six years in consulting before taking on a role as the Head of Modeling at the CIT Group. There he began to develop the technical and cultural framework for a modeling team that incorporated the best aspects from its investment banks' counterparts but tailored to the context and requirements of a regional bank. He then brought the same vision to M&T Bank, building out the Centralized Modeling division focused on leveraging the large investments made in risk and regulatory areas towards improving business profitability and operational efficiency.

He has a BA from Harvard and a PhD. in Astrophysics from Johns Hopkins.